Re: Adding a new field to iCalObject

> Today's project was an attempt to add a "snooze" capability to the 
> alarms, at least the audio and display alarms.  One of the few 
> remaining catches is that I need to add a new field to the 
> CalendarAlarm structure (calobj.h); I want to stash a pointer to the 
> iCalObject to which the alarm is associated--- are there any 
> objections?

No objections at all.

> I'm not yet ready to commit changes in any case, but I wanted to give 
> everyone a chance to tell me that I'm horribly misunderstanding the 
> relationship between the structures, or violating the iCalendar spec, 
> or being just plain boneheaded...

No violation at all.  Given that this is only a runtime change that
will implement the snooze feature.

> (Also, I'm assuming there's still no objection to my committing 
> changes directly to CVS, assuming I've compiled/tested them on my 
> machine first.  That was the impression I got the last time I asked, 
> but if there's an active maintainer for gnomecal who wants to receive 
> patches instead, that's fine with me.)

I am an active maintainer.

Please commit directly to CVS, but CC me a copy of the patch, ie,
before you commit do this:

cvs diff -u | mail
cvs commit 


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