Re: Buildj file(s)

--- El lun, 4/10/10, Abderrahim Kitouni escribió:
>      في ن، 04-10-2010 عند 12:20
> +0000 ، كتب Nagy Thomas:
> > Regarding the yaml files, I never heard of pyyaml
> before, and I do not
> > think its use is widespread. Using different python
> versions can be a
> > problem too.
> I, for one cannot use buildj master for now : waf doesn't
> seem to work
> with python 2.5 and my pyyaml version wasn't compiled for
> 2.6 :-(

Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.0 or 3.1 is required for the creation of the waf script. The yaml files won't be loaded during the creation of the script, and the resulting file will work with Python 2.5 or 2.4 (2.3 if the subprocess module is provided).

> >  In my view writing a custom parser to remove the
> dependency sounds
> > reasonable (python provides shlex and a python parser,
> building upon
> > them should not be too difficult).
> There is one such parser in the yaml branch of the
> repository (using the
> tokenize module), but I don't like it much (it has some
> subtle
> incompatibilities). I've also tried to port the parser from
> YAML::Tiny
> perl module (uses regexps ex(ten|clu)sively ;-p). The
> result can be
> found here :

That's just the load part, the dump part seems to be missing. Also, will the internal representation use dicts or ordered dicts? Will the comments remain after serialization/deserialization for example by an IDE?

> I'm still not sure what's the best way for this. We
> definitely need
> discussing this more.
> > I would be interested to see a specification of those
> yaml files too
> > (not just an example or two). Forward compatibility is
> a very
> > difficult problem with description files, and it is
> one of the main
> > reasons why waf files are still plain python scripts.
> See :
> for the file format and
> for a (slightly
> outdated) description
> of the schema used.

A few more questions:

* Are files going to be listed as arrays or will it be ok to list file on single lines?
* Is the following 'foo.c some\ name.c' going to be interpreted as a list of files or as something else?
* Include paths and defines seem to be missing from the targets
* What about configuration tests? not everything consists in checking for a function or a package, and linking against foreign libraries will require some customization. How is the system going to handle this?


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