move to yaml

Hi all,

So the big change now is to move from JSON to YAML, and since depending
on a big lib isn't an option for an uninstallable build system, I was
looking at lighter alternatives. There is a small parser in the yaml
branch that uses the tokenize module (and thus isn't exactly correct,
but can parse most files as long as they are using quoted strings for
strings of more than one word).

So I was looking for a better option, I tried to port the YAML::Tiny
Perl module, it's mostly working now but I'm not sure about the
license : What license does buildj use/accept? (YAML::Tiny uses the same
license as perl : dual Artistic/GPL).

Anyway, I'll try to upload it somewhere even if not used by buildj. (I
think we should use it even if we don't like GPL until we find a better
option). What do you think?


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