Re: Buildj + Quickly Vala template == Love :)

                     في ج، 01-10-2010 عند 00:04 +0100 ، كتب Shane Fagan:
> So by global patterns you mean just looking for the file type or mime
> type to ensure you are getting the right thing right? That would be ok
> but personally id like to restrict it to specific folders to promote
> good programming practice in terms of project structures but I suppose
> for a build system keeping it as general as possible is a good idea.
It shouldn't be difficult to get what you want when ant globs are
implemented, it's just a matter of adding something like:

    tool: data
      - data/*.ui
    dir: ${prefix}/share/projectname/data/ui

to the project.yaml. This isn't fully implemented yet, but shouldn't be
too difficult. Does this answer your request? If so, I'll try to look at
it in the next few days.


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