Re: New website layout

El mié, 23-07-2008 a las 11:47 +0100, John Carr escribió:

>         At the moment i'm only trying to make sure all the code that
>         already exists is ported over. There is a GNOME CVS Mail
>         change source shipped with jhbuild-buildbot-scripts.
>         I agree building on commit is probably too much, but at the
>         same time I want to see the state of my project more than once
>         every 6 hours. I'm not a fan of building *everything* on a
>         timer even if there is not a change. So perhaps (when the
>         initial work is done) we can exploit some of the more advanced
>         schedulers in buildbot to build more frequently (hourly, half
>         hourly), but only if there is a change etc.

Yes, that could make sense, at least it is worth a try.


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