Re: New website layout

El mar, 22-07-2008 a las 11:40 +0100, John Carr escribió:

>         I have pushed what I have so far to
>         bzr branch
>         You should be able to browse the history there too. Some of
>         this is more hardcoded that it should be, but you should be
>         able to get a feel for the new approach that the buildbot
>         people suggested. This branch is very close to solving the
>         following two goals:
>          * Upgrade to 0.7.7
>          * Only use 2 ports (right now: 9070 for build slaves, 8080
>         for http)

Great! I'll give it a try as soon as I can.

>         When its a bit more mature it should also:
>          * Make deploying slaves easy (via jhbuild)
>         Before that though I need to:
>          * Make sure builds run in the right order (migrate Serial
>         scheduler to the new system)
>          * Make sure that build-on-commit works

Mmm... does this mean that you want to build a module whenever there is
a commit to it? That's too much imho.

>          * Port over the skinning stuff
>          * Port over the home page (where we had a summary)
>          * Port over feeds


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