Re: 'make check', those that require X, the others

> hi,
> Frederic Peters schrieb:
> > Again,
> > 
> > My buildslave finished its run of modules <>
> > and several are marked as failed because their 'make check' phase failed.
> > 
> > There are roughly three categories there:
> > 
> >  1. real check failures, to be investigated;
> >  2. missing files in po/, I'll check with i18n and report
> >     them if necessary;
> >  3. failures because checks require to be run in an X server.
> > 
> > What to do about that last category?  Should it be reported against
> > modules so they do not try to run them if DISPLAY= is not set?
> > Something else?
> We could also run Xvfb. In my pet project I check for Xvfb in configure and 
> start Xvfb in the tests - it works quite well. I think gtk can start Xvfb from 
> the makefile too.

We have been using xvfb for a long time, if you see the current buildbot installation 
guide [1], step 11:

"11. Install xvfb in your system. This is used to provide an X server for those modules which run tests that require one.

    * In Debian this package provides a script called xvfb-run, looks like Fedora does not provide it, so maybe we'd need to provide it to you.

OlavVitters: Need a RHEL5 script.

And by the way, after all this work, this guide require a full re-write. I will try to do
that on a free time.

[1], step 11:


API (apinheiro igalia com)

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