Re: In svn at last

Iago Toral Quiroga wrote:

> I found a couple of issues, first one is that the command:
> jhbuild bot --stop

Not implemented; the thing is jhbuild bot --start used to daemonize
itself; I changed it and --stop lost its urgency.  both --start
--daemon and --stop should be implemented.

> does not stop buildbot. Also, I do not find the log files of twisted. I
> see there is a jhbuild bot --log command, but it does not work for me
> (shows no information).

Not implemented.

> I still have to test code coverage reports and see how several slaves
> work together now that we have the jhbuild integration.

I had to disable it because module-reports had hardcoded values; 
  export REPORTSDIR="/var/www/buildslave"
  export REPORTSURL="";

You're welcome to fix those :)


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