Re: Jhbuildbot progress

>> >  * I notice another strange thing. If you go to a project, select a concrete
>> >    slave, and then ask him to build, instead of return to the project page,
>> >    it goes to the <main page>/waterfall page, so it shows all the projects (you
>> >    can see that on the second screenshot attached).
>> Can you confirm that you are running buildbot 0.7.8? From grepping
>> 0.7.7 and 0.7.8, it looks like this problem should go away if you
>> upgrade. I can only remember hitting it myself when using 0.7.6 or
>> 0.7.7...
> In order to install the new slave, yesterday I used directly jhbuild :
>   jhbuild --moduleset=buildbot build buildbot
> and on the directory work/src, this downloaded buildbot-0.7.8.tar.gz
> So it seems that I was using buildbot 0.7.8

The master needs 0.7.8 too. Did you use jhbuild to start the master?

If i grep for Redirect in 0.7.7, I find lots of
Redirect("../waterfall"). In 0.7.8, these are all now Redirect("..")
or similar.

I can't recreate it on my test instance either:


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