Re: Jhbuildbot progress

Hi all,

>  * But it happens something strange with the names. If you select a concrete
>    project, and there are several projects that start with the same name, it
>    show both projects on the project page. You can see that on the first screenshot
>    attached.

This is fixed in trunk.

>  * I notice another strange thing. If you go to a project, select a concrete
>    slave, and then ask him to build, instead of return to the project page,
>    it goes to the <main page>/waterfall page, so it shows all the projects (you
>    can see that on the second screenshot attached).

Can you confirm that you are running buildbot 0.7.8? From grepping
0.7.7 and 0.7.8, it looks like this problem should go away if you
upgrade. I can only remember hitting it myself when using 0.7.6 or

>  * I notice some weird symbols on the compiling log. It seems that you change
>    the slave Makefile start target :
>     yours: twistd --no_save -y buildbot.tac
>     ours:  TERM=adm3 twistd --no_save -y buildbot.tac

This is fixed in trunk


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