Re: Jhbuildbot progress

On Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 6:26 PM, API <apinheiro igalia com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
> Hi I was testing your last work, so Iago and me were testing if it works
> when you connect two slaves:
>  * It seems to connect and start to work properly.
>     Note: all your work allow to configure a new slave really easy :)

Its great to hear it copes with multiple slaves :-)

>  * But it happens something strange with the names. If you select a concrete
>    project, and there are several projects that start with the same name, it
>    show both projects on the project page. You can see that on the first screenshot
>    attached.

I noticed this too, I thought my buildbot was corrupt but it kept
happening. I never released it was the name that was in common. I
suspect this is a buildbot bug, as i'm using their categories system
to do the grouping.. Will investigate.

>  * I notice another strange thing. If you go to a project, select a concrete
>    slave, and then ask him to build, instead of return to the project page,
>    it goes to the <main page>/waterfall page, so it shows all the projects (you
>    can see that on the second screenshot attached).

IIRC, this is because the builder pages are hardcoded to return to
that URL. It wasn't meant to be used like i'm using it... I will see
if i can find a place to monkey patch like i did with theming, but i
suspect a few places are going to be hit like this.

>  * I notice some weird symbols on the compiling log. It seems that you change
>    the slave Makefile start target :
>     yours: twistd --no_save -y buildbot.tac
>     ours:  TERM=adm3 twistd --no_save -y buildbot.tac
>    Probably you remove the "TERM=adm3" stuff as you thought that this is not
>    necessary. But this is required. This is to avoid a broken RSS/Atom feeds.
>    jhbuild insert some particular shell symbols, in order to show bold letters
>    in some cases, if the shell support that. But on the log this is not required,
>    and caused the RSS/Atom readers to fail reading the feeds.
>    More details here[1]

Oh no, i didn't remove it. I started with a fresh project (buildbot
create-master, or whatever the syntax is). Then I ported over the old
code as i tweaked it to work with the newest buildbot code and the
single port configuration. I didn't realise there were enhancements in
the Makefile to port over...

> Really good work, thanks!
> [1]
> ===
> API (apinheiro igalia com)

I'll try and get the polish done asap, and then i need to spend some
time on jhbuild - could use some help from fredp...


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