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Let me do it one more time...
(My previous email was very horrible. Sorry)

I want to tell more about my requirements. So, if you don't have take a
look to the mockup of my app, you can do it now here:

I'm writing this application, using D-Bus. I already have implemented what
I name 'module' for Rhythmbox and Exaile, and I'm looking to do the same
for Brasero.

The most important thing are signals.
I will need a signal :
 - for Brasero state changed. This mean that Brasero state changed from
idle to burning for example. [priority: high]
   Prototype should be something like stateChanged(int, string) that return
a state id, and optionally the path of the file that Brasero is burning if
the state id is burning.

 - for Brasero elapsed changed when it is burning. [priority: high]
   Prototype should be something like elapsedChanged(int) returning the
elapsed seconds, or current progressbar value.

And now for methods.
I will need a method:
 - to get the Brasero version (need it if there are changes in the D-Bus
between 2 versions) [priority: low]
   Prototype should be something like version(string) returning the version
   Maybe it could be a DBus property if it's easiest to implement.

 - to cancel a burn [priority: normal]
   Prototype should be something like cancelBurn().

Tell me if you need more informations.

On Sun, 16 May 2010 21:31:23 +0200, Philippe Rouquier
<bonfire-app wanadoo fr> wrote:
> Hi,
> Le dimanche 16 mai 2010 à 19:35 +0200, ZedTuX a écrit :
>> I'm currently developing an D-Bus base application. I want to implement
> a
>> Brasero module to show informations like when it is burning, percentage
> etc
>> ...
>> But it seems that the D-Bus Interface has not this kind of methods.
>> If these methods exist, have you a documentation about them ?
> The only D-Bus interface is provided by libunique but there is nothing
> else of that kind.
>> Otherwise, did you plan to implement them in the future release ? (Like
>> Rhythmbox D-Bus interface)
> We are open for tracks for developpement. As far as I see your
> requirements are quite low and that seems doable in the remaining time
> of the development phase.
> What are you exact requirements?
> Btw, are you the GSoc student working on the project of offering a
> unique interface for all ongoing tasks in progress?
> Philippe Rouquier

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