Re: Editing the track list

Le jeudi 22 janvier 2009 à 01:16 -0800, sukru cinar a écrit :
Hello all,

I was making an audio cd with brasero but couldn't find a way to re-order the tracks after I had added them to the project. So I added two buttons
to the brasero-audio-disc dialog to move selected tracks up or down in the

I could send a diff against 0.8.2 if you think it could be a desirable feature for other users as well.



Yes, audio track ordering is supposed to be done through DND only. We may consider using your patch to add additional buttons to brasero and make the process more obvious. The best would be to file a bug against brasero and attach the patch to it so people can try it and comment on it. You have time since we're close to UI freeze (or maybe we already are?) and I don't think it's time for us to change anything at the moment but we may consider adding this feature to later version.

Thanks a lot.


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