Re: Start releasing betas/rc for 0.8.0

On Sun, May 25, 2008 at 6:53 PM, Philippe Rouquier
<rouquier p wanadoo fr> wrote:
> Le mardi 20 mai 2008 à 18:32 +0100, Luis Medinas a écrit :
> I think we are getting svn trunk stable and ready for some testing.
> Should we start releasing 0.7.9[0]/1/2/3 to get some testing around ?
> Also i think we should support 0.8.x series a bit more than we used
> too because the opensource rules is more like release often.
> Now that lots of distros ship brasero by default it will be easier to
> maintain it if we support the stable series more time than getting
> svn trunk wild.
> Opinions ?
> Hi,
> I agree. I committed my last feature to trunk today. As far as I'm concerned
> I'm ready for 0.8.x. There is a lot to test.
> As for support I'll try to behave this time and not destabilize everything
> =) as soon as 0.8.0 is out. I'll probably create a new branch for video to
> avoid problems.
> So now, we have to edit NEW file (I'll do it some time tomorrow or Tuesday)
> and roll the tarballs for a 0.7.90 release followed by 0.8.0 one month later
> (translators will need some time to translate all the help documentation).
> Do you agree?
I'll fix the NEWS file and take care of the about and help bugs.

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