Re: [tim-janik/beast] Force alsa default device (#123)

Ok, first of all, I no longer think that changing the auto-detect order for devices can solve our problem. As I understand it for, you

On the other hand, I

So it seems to me that this cannot be automatically be resolved (so the patch here cannot be improved to a state where it works out of the box for both of us).

So we need explicit driver selection in the future. So eventually we will need .bserc to have an entry for setting the audio driver. I can understand that adapting beast-gtk may not be what we want to do, since it makes not much sense to invest time in legacy ui code. I can also understand that adapting ebeast may not yet be what we want to do, because it may need more time to develop ebeast until it is time to add a configuration dialog. But that will happen eventually.

So I suggest adding a .bserc option for selecting the driver, so that at least I can test ebeast, and in the future the configuration dialog can make this meaningful for average users.

And we need not necessarily solve the drift compensation issue before we even have a usable ebeast ui that would benefit from it.

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