Re: [tim-janik/beast] Force alsa default device (#123)

A bit of evaluation on Ubuntu 18.04:

Insisting on using a JACK driver when Jackd is not running or not even installed on a system is simply user-unfriendly. Renoise knows better and can play out of the box via ALSA, but if that doesn't work, it's worse of than any of the other programs, because it fails to recognize/use PulseAudio.

The browsers are a magnitude more user friendly than any of the DAWs, they support PulseAudio out of the box, try to minimize latency for interactive calls, work in Duplex mode out of the box and compensate drift automatically.

For Beast, we should simply work as well and as user-friendly as the browsers by picking PuleAudio by default, trying JACK only if Jackd is running and falling back to the first ALSA hw device if it is not busy. That way, power users can manually assign JACK as the default driver and for everyone else, things will work out of the box. But we need some kind of drift compensation when we use PulseAudio in Duplex mode.

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