[tim-janik/beast] Bus properties ported to C++ - redone with APPLY_IDL_PROPERTY() macro (#105)

As requested, I went through all changes in #78 and used APPLY_IDL_PROPERTY() where possible. In some cases it wasn't possible, so there are a few handwritten setters. I also avoid any fancy new features in the code or ui, this is an 1:1 port.

This also fixes the C++ property loader code in bsestorage.cc so that make check passes.

From my perspective the only thing that could be controversial is that you used g_object_set(...property...value...) to avoid undo recording for some setter calls. I added a function to block undo manually so

  g_object_set (self, /* no undo */
               "sync", self->saved_sync,

now looks somewhat like this

  bus->sync (self->saved_sync);

This should work in the same way for setters that use APPLY_IDL_PROPERTY() and for hand-written setters that use push_property_undo(). If you have a better suggestion feel free to either change this after merging or letting me know how it should be done.

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