Re: [tim-janik/beast] Bus properties ported to C++ - redone with APPLY_IDL_PROPERTY() macro (#105)

@swesterfeld commented on this pull request.

In beast-gtk/

> @@ -89,8 +89,24 @@ bus_build_param (BstBusEditor *self,
                  const gchar  *editor,
                  const gchar  *label)
-  GParamSpec *pspec = bse_proxy_get_pspec (self->item, property);
-  self->params = sfi_ring_prepend (self->params, bst_param_new_proxy (pspec, self->item));
+  GxkParam *gxk_param = nullptr;
+  /* aida property? */
+  Bse::BusH bus = Bse::BusH::__cast__ (bse_server.from_proxy (self->item));

I fixed this in a later commit.

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