Re: [tim-janik/beast] Bus properties ported to C++ - redone with APPLY_IDL_PROPERTY() macro (#105)

Please fix review comments I left for you and remove:
a) the commit introducing the block/unblock API,

Done with all code that depends on it.

b) the float64 workaround.


If that means you updated PR is broken, point out the bugs you're runing into and I'll give you a hand with the fixes. In particualy, I'm not even sure you can trigger buggy behaviour due to not blocking undo, if you find a way to trigger that, that'd be really helpful.

I haven't ever seen any undo related problem while testing it.

As for fixing the float parsing, I looked into that earlier and am quite confident I can fix parse_paren_rest. I just needed an actual test case that triggered breakage, which I didn't have at the time.

Right. make check is broken now due to audio tests, so before merge, you should look into fixing the parser.

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