Rapicorn-15.09.0 & Beast-0.9.2 available

It's been a while since the last tarballs have been baked, so here they are,
a new release of Rapicorn and Beast each:


The Beast code is undergoing some large transformations, which are documented
in more detail in the toplevel file HACKING.md. For this reason, it has to follow
Rapicorn feature development closely, so Beast-0.9.2 depends on Rapicorn-15.09.0.

The installation directories for Beast have been fixed to support MAJOR.MINOR
versioning, if any files or directories are missing or are still buggy, drop me a line.
Linking against the libraries now requires the following pkg-config lines:
    pkg-config rapicorn1509 --cflags --libs
    pkg-config bse-0.9 --cflags --libs

Rapicorn most notably now has theming infrastructure, a number of new widgets
and a new command line tool rapidres(1) to integrate resource files into executables.

Both projects are now open to merge new feature developments and I'll make an
effort to push out the next releases in a much shorter timeframe.

Overview of Changes in BEAST/BSE 0.9.2:

* Workarounds were added for broken GLib compatibility.
* Files for the BSE runtime are now compressed and stored via rapidres(1).
* A good chunk of the Beast & Bse API has been migrated to use Rapicorn's AIDA IDL.
* The complexity of the BSE startup process could be reduced.
* A workaround for crashes in vorbisfile-1.3.4 and earlier was added.
* Shutdown crashes were fixed by stopping BSE threads via atexit.
* A new bse tool with commands check-load and render2wav replaces SCM scripts.
* Lots of fixes and optimizations for parallel builds were applied.
* All files are now installed under versioned directories, e.g. /usr/share/beast-0.9/
* Execute audio tests with 'make check' for development versions.

Rapicorn 15.09.0:

* Added theming support and $RAPICORN_THEME to override theme selection.
* Update RSVG rendering bits.
* Added layer and state painting widgets.
* Provide rapidres(1): A binary resource file to C++ code converter.
* Added missing manual page documentation.
* Added ability to render SVG fragments.
* Added widget for state painting and for stretched SVG painting.
* Added ElementPainter to render and resize widgets from stretched SVGs.
* Added FocusPainter for focus state dependent decoration.
* Added support for attribute="@eval some_variable" syntax.
* Added example for interactive code editing and execution.
* Factory cleanups, widget have an 'id', properties have a 'name' attribute.
* Allow source priorities to affect scheduling across other event loops.
* Major improvements to the Aida Python bindings by making use of Cython.
* IDL records and sequences now have different client and server code.
* Eliminated '=0' syntax for IDL methods.
* Added C++ visitors to IDL objects, records and sequences for INI and XML.
* Improved enum introspection and IDL marshalling.
* Major improvements to type support in Any getters and setters.
* Provide forward and backward conversion between Any and records/sequences.
* Added Parameter abstraction to simlify record field and property edits.
* Display Window code cleanup and optimization.
* Automate memory bookkeeping with shared_ptr for all objects and widgets.
* Various improvements to the C++11 support, compilation and build system.

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik

Free software author and speaker.

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