Re: compile error: Rapicorn 15.09 on Ubuntu 14.04

Hey Stefan,

I've taken a look at the g++4-.8 build error on Ubuntu-14.04 you reported.
Turns out I don't need a 14.04 docker containe rto reproduce this, my Ubuntu-15.04
also ships g++-4.8.real (Ubuntu 4.8.4-1ubuntu15) 4.8.4.

It looks like g++-4.8 has problems with C++11 "delegate constructors", even though g++-4.7
should already have gotten full support:

Attached is a stupid workaround that compiles rcore/

I've not looked further though, so additional build errors may or may not happen.

I'm happy to take patches for an additional 15.09.x release if someone's willing to put in the work to make 
things compile with g++-4.8.

For 15.10 or anything later, we'll simply update the g++ dependency to g++-4.9.

To be honest, I'd much rather see time being spent to support clang++-3.7 compilation, as that opens up a new 
range of development tools for Rapicorn.

Special tip: To get clang++-3.7 build on Ubuntu-14.04, simply build cling:
Cling is a C++ interpreter from cern, e.g. here it's demoed with OpenGL:
Cling automatically builds clang++-3.7 and the nightly images should support Ubuntu-14.04:

PS: Thanks for your report, please CC the mailing list in the future.

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik
Free software author and speaker.

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