Re: Squashing the soundfont branch

On 08.03.2013 21:12, Stefan Westerfeld wrote:
* Comments/docs to add, there should be some general (big) comment in
the source about how SF support was implemented. E.g.:
** soundfontpresets are instruments
** soundfontosc is slim module shell around single-thread API
calculation of fluidsynth blocks.
** soundfont global lock description

Done. I added the big comment to, because this is where most
of the interesting things are done. Feel free to edit the text or for bigger
problems ask me to update the documentation.

I had applied the branch locally and also updated it for a good while before other things took precedence.

It might be a bit involved adapting it to the recent rewrites that have been going on and it might even be
simpler to wait until some .proc or IDL migrations are finished before porting the old soundfont branch.
In any case, it'd be nice to pick this up again.

For now, you can fetch the latest state here:

git fetch --no-tags +for-0.9.1/soundfont:for-0.9.1/soundfont

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik
Free software author and speaker.

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