On 04.11.2015 15:39, Tim Janik wrote:
On 04.11.2015 14:30, Stefan Westerfeld wrote:
stefan quadcorn:~/src/beast/sfi (master *% u=)$ ./sfidl --print-include-path

This should not contain a ${prefix} at all, but point to the actual directory.

Right, one of the pitfalls of the configure magic we're applying there.
I've also noted inconsistencies in naming and with other places where we
use/provide the installdir, that's all fixed in a new patch now.

Please give this branch a shot (private repo, beware of non-linear history),
if we're sure it works, I'll push to github:

  git fetch -n +external-plugin-fixes/v2:external-plugin-fixes/v2

On a tangent, we will have to implement ${prefix} interpolation in C++ at some point,
in order to make bse/beast fully relocatable, which was one requirement of the windows

This should now give you:

$ sfi/sfidl --print-include-path
$ PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/lib/pkgconfig/ pkg-config --variable=bseincludedir bse

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik
Free software author and speaker.

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