Re: MERGE: bse2cxx-part2

On Thu, 7 Jul 2011, Stefan Westerfeld wrote:

Sounds good. I think it would be best to first run a script on all C sources,

class ->  klass
gint ->  int
guint ->  unsigned int
gdouble ->  double
gfloat ->  float
gchar ->  char
guchar ->  unsigned char

Eeek, "unsigned int" causes too much reformatting in your
latest patch. This should be "uint" instead, uint is provided
by sys/types.h, which is included by birnet*.
I've fixed up your changes now, please use these types in the

uint8	for "byte" contexts, e.g. memory allocation
int8	for signed "byte" contexts, e.g. memory allocation
char	for character contexts.

uint8/int8 *may* be missing, until we have rapicorn, if that#s
the case, just fixup birnetcdefs.h to define them.
Also, any use of "long" should be revisitted in the source, it's
allmost always an error to use long, since it varies so much
(32bit on some 32bit-platoforms, 64bit on 64bit-unix, 32bit on

bseresampler.hh didn't compile here once i applied the uint
fixes. It's just been including glib.h. All header files in
a specific directory should always include one "base" header
out of the same dir, that brings in the main definitions, e.g.
bse/bsecxxutils.hh for C++ bse, or bse/bseutils.h for C,
sfi.hh for sfi/, birnetutils.hh for birnet/.
Those files provide the definitions from the lower layers
automatically, i.e. birnet -> sfi -> bse -> beast.

  Cu... Stefan

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik

--- - Founder and CEO of Lanedo GmbH.
Free software author and contributor on various projects.

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