Re: MERGE: bse2cxx-part2


On Mon, Jul 04, 2011 at 09:55:05PM +0200, Tim Janik wrote:
> On Fri, 1 Jul 2011, Stefan Westerfeld wrote:
> >  Hi!
> >
> >I've read your remarks on my first attempt to port bsebus.c to C++, so in this
> >merge request you'll find a version I adjusted accordingly. There are also C++
> >ports of a few more sources in the bse/ directory.
> >
> >repo:
> >branch: bse2cxx-part2
> Thanks, merged. You are free to port gchar->char and gint->int
> on the fly btw. It's a pitty that porting the code to C++ makes
> it so much more ugly instead of improving it ;(

> Did you find a way yet to automated part of the most stupid
> changes needed? E.g. something like this small perl script here?
> ==================
> #!/usr/bin/perl -w -pi.bak
> s,\bclass\b,klass,g;
> ==================

Sounds good. I think it would be best to first run a script on all C sources,

class -> klass
gint -> int
guint -> unsigned int
gdouble -> double
gfloat -> float
gchar -> char
guchar -> unsigned char

(did I forget anything?). I can make a merge request for that.

Once this is done, manual porting can do the rest, but that should be done in
seperate commits, to make it easy to review what was manually changed between
the C -> C++ transition.

   Cu... Stefan
Stefan Westerfeld, Hamburg/Germany,

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