Re: MERGE: bse2cxx-part3

On Fri, 22 Jul 2011, Stefan Westerfeld wrote:


I've ported a few bse more sources to C++. Sorry about minor mistakes in the
commit order. Anyway, you can fetch the branch into your bse repo by using:

git fetch bse2cxx-part3:bse2cxx-part3

Thanks, great. I see you put a lot of work in there,
here're my bits:
- please use "uint" in the future, see my other mail.
- remove from compilation rules if another C++ source is present.
- "void * boxed" should be "void *boxed" (unfixed in master)
- pointer casts should be written as: (void*) ptr
  (no extra space between "void" and "*")

Thanks again, applied.

 Cu... Stefan

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik

--- - Founder and CEO of Lanedo GmbH.
Free software author and contributor on various projects.

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