boolean modules

What I forgot to say: 

The booleans should have a comparator in it that means: a parameter, typical 
0,5. Values bigger or equal are "1" values smaller are "0". When you can 
change this value you can do an awful lot of things more with that than just 
do booleans. 

And what would also be nice is a simple timer. I could do a timer with a 
pulsewave and a flipflop but a timer would be nice. Starts with 0, lasts for 
time, goes to 1. This can also be done with a ADSR and a lot more. So that 
modules is not really *needed* desperatly like the others. By the way - that 
could be done with a Up/Down counter also... As I said, some boolean logics 
would be nice.

best regards

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