After a few days of real life I found time to think about some very simple 
modules I'd really like and I think would be quite useful.

_First_ of all I have some problems with long lasting sounds from sustaining 
ADSRs. That would be easy to fix with a "DONE"-module.

This module simply has a signal in and a DONE-out. As parameters are two: 
timelasting and treshold. If the signal is below treshold for a minimum of 
timelasting it fires a DONE (1). Maybe the treshold could be implemented as a 
second input, not just a parameter - that opens some more variations for this 

Should be easy and fast to implement and should have MUCH worth for the 
current instruments and playing MIDI-Demos (Chopin for example). I will 
simply use it as a "this sound is silent so kill it"-Module. 

_Second_ I'd like to have a ON/OFF parameter in every module. This switch will 
be useful with more complex synth-designs that use parameter-change 
(program). I can switch that module off by default so it has not to be 
calculated. With some testdriving on a AMD2400 this weekend I discovered that 
the piano-synth uses a huge amount of calculation time. With the more complex 
synths I have in mind we would without this come to an end with the 
flexibility of our synth. I am with only 8 voices at the end of a AMD2400 
even with the piano-synth only. There is only one type of OSC in that(!).

_Third_ I'd really like some modules for logic processing. Shure, I can do 
this by multiplication, addition and amplifing. But I think that uses to much 
calculation time, a simple AND, OR, XOR, NOT should be fine. Thats for 
signals like DONE 0/1 and for some logic. A flipflop and some other basic 
booleans should be useful too. I didnt work that out. I can only say that in 
near future I'll need the booleans. 

_Fourth_ a module that is a simple ON/OFF switch for signals. IN, OUT and 
CTRL. CTRL is 0 or 1. This I can also do with amplifiers but it costs too 
much time. I dont want to ampify, just ON/OFF (Signal through/Signal Zero).

I'd like that you think about if it can be done. 

with best regards

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