Re: Bug#210623: more manpages

Tim Janik:
> not to disappoint you, but we're not really using the ps/pdf targets.
> ps might be interesting for some of the docu on the website, but
> the main focus is having the docs available as html and man pages
> (thus my recent markup questions regarding man pages).

Heh, no you are not disappointing me.  We'll have it eventually
anyways ;)  We have already reached our primary goals, and we (I) only
have to work on a couple of issues.

> it does, there's e.g. /usr/share/texmf/tex/context/base/xtag-mea.tex.
> i still don't quite get the point though, do you mean context provides
> functionality we will be lacking in the markup/html pages, and only
> become usable with acroread?

I believe so.  For example I usually hand my homeworks and
presentations as PDF files, so I can sleep confidently that the
teachers will see the document exactly I see them at home.

Actually I have to do a few document designs during this year, and
I thought Beast could benefit from them too.  Of course we don't have
to include them in a Beast distro, but I will definitely use
texitheque to manage content ;)


Alper Ersoy

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