Re: Bug#210623: more manpages

On Mon, 22 Sep 2003, Alper Ersoy wrote:

> Tim Janik:
> > i don't quite understand what you mean to use context for anyway,
> > we have manual page, html and markup generation already which are
> > our primary targets. so what's context going to change here?
> We will have super quality PS and PDF targets.  You may even use PDF
> target to get decent presentations in the future :)  (But don't worry,
> the items in the todo list have top priority ;)

not to disappoint you, but we're not really using the ps/pdf targets.
ps might be interesting for some of the docu on the website, but
the main focus is having the docs available as html and man pages
(thus my recent markup questions regarding man pages).

> > i got tetex-bin tetex-base and tetex-extra and it doesn't look
> > like there's a context file in there.
> What version?  tetex-2.0 contains it.  locate texmf/tex/context/base
> doesn't return anything?

it does, there's e.g. /usr/share/texmf/tex/context/base/xtag-mea.tex.
i still don't quite get the point though, do you mean context provides
functionality we will be lacking in the markup/html pages, and only
become usable with acroread?

> --
> Alper Ersoy


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