Re: BST_VERSION in man sources

Tim Janik:
> so is there a possibility to sneak the package version
> in from within the Makefile for ready-made texi man pages?

Sure there is, and sir may I tell you that it's not a hack.

%.texi: $(srcdir)/../%.texi version.texi
	cp $< $@
        cd . \
        && echo "@set BSTVERSION $(BST_VERSION)"  >@$ \
        && echo "@set BSEVERSION $(BSE_VERSION)" >>@$ \
        && echo "@set VERSION $(VERSION)"        >>@$

In the document:

@include teximacros.texi
@include version.texi



How is this?  I have this working here, but I'm delaying the patch
until I inspect a few of the other issues in the TODO list, ok?
(Because typically when I send you a patch, it takes a while before
you review and commit it, and I can't work on anything until then.
If I do, I'll have to do merging which is a bit stressing ;)


Alper Ersoy

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