Re: translating beast (Re: Please translate beast and bse)

Дана недељa, 26. октобар 2003. 19:23:10 CET, Hasbullah Bin Pit написа:
> How about extra warning in capital letter?
> dnl Note to translators: you MUST have .po files in both directory:
> dnl po and po-bse before adding you language code to ALL_LINGUAS,
> dnl otherwise it will BREAK build.
> ALL_LINGUAS="az de nl sr sr@Latn sv"

This would surely help (enormously), but it wouldn't eliminate the  
problem completely. Eg. someone might just search for ALL_LINGUAS, and  
it might show in the first line of your buffer (so you wouldn't see  
anything above it ;-).

Of course, it would be really rare, and this will *mostly* work as a  
solution. Provided translators pay attention to that, of course.


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