Re: translating beast (Re: Please translate beast and bse)

Дана недељa, 26. октобар 2003. 18:39:37 CET, Tim Janik написа:
> it's not that there'd exist an unfixable conflict between the way the
> beast module is setup and the ability to translate it. translations  
> just need to be maintained in po-bse/ as well at the moment, and that  
> works out fine for lots of the translations added to beast so far.

If this is the path you chose, I believe you will *have* to live with  
occasional build breakages by translators.

You have so far probably been lucky, and there were few breakages,  
because only the most active of translators have provided translations,  
and they're usually quite into the process.

As an example, when I first comitted a translation for gimp, I did so  
only in po/, and even *after* having read the Sven's notes that all po- 
*/ directories should be translated (it was some README file), I didn't  
quite understand that to mean that I shouldn't add to 
ALL_LINGUAS the language code.

So, Sven did have to fix that for me, and I believe he has to do that  
quite often when new translations are added. I would suspect that many  
translators don't even take a look at README's, so even if you provide  
the correct information (like Sven or someone else did for Gimp),  
you'll still get some problems.

It would also be quite common that translators don't remember entire  
translation guide (if they have read it at all, which they should have,  
but might have not), and especially the few cases which they'll come to  
who knows who.

So, I'm sorry to say that I believe you'll have to accept the fact that  
there will be problems.


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