Re: [Banshee-List] keyboard shortcut for fast forward and rewind

Hi Vojtěch and everyone,

> There are several keyboard shortcuts, but the shorcuts for fast forward
> and rewing are missing. There were some on some site (shift + left or
> right arrows), but they don't work.
> I tried to create my own using banshee from command line, but there is
> no such command, just seeking by exact position. I might write a script
> for this but it seems too complicated.
> Is there any plan of adding these keyboard shortcuts? They are present
> in every player I have encountered.

I'm new to the Banshee mailing list and community, but the reason I
signed up is because I intend to write a community extension to
provide exactly these kind of keyboard shortcuts. What would scratch
my own itch would be to have Ctrl+left/right to move 1 minute
back/forward, and Alt+left/right to move 10 seconds, like in VLC.

I'll be writing this (rather simple I hope) extension over the coming
weeks, but please bare in mind that the code-base and development
environment is quite new to be (I'm a web developer, used to dynamic
scripting languages). Once I am done I expect to push my extension to
the banshee-community-extensions repo, or submit a patch for review
via the relevant channels (I will find out how to do so in due

I hope my forthcoming contribution can be of use to you!



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