Re: [Banshee-List] error when building dependencies for Banshee thru Git [mac osx]

I see you are aware of:

So you will need to revert that change for now. I reopened the bug to
reflect that it is still broken for us.

This post 2.24.8 commit should be the last one needed to solve the dnd
crasher, so you should have that fixed with 2.24.10.

Generally if you have crashes on OS X, it is a good idea to add John
Ralls to CC, he is very helpful in solving GTK+ on OS X issues.

- David

2012/4/8 Timo Dörr <timo latecrew de>:
> Am 08.04.2012, 17:04 Uhr, schrieb gnomeuser gmail com <gnomeuser gmail com>:
>> the latest gtk should have the drag and drop fix.
> I've build against gtk+ 2.24.10 + some patches from the xamarin/bockbuild
> tree. From the git commit messages I can't seem to find what commit since
> 2.24.10 to git master should fix this bug:
> Do you have a link to the bug with more details?
> Additionally I just found another major crasher, when clicking in the left
> pane to "Now playing" while playback everything goes down. Seems also gtk+
> related.
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