[Banshee-List] 1. Hearing test and 2.speaker/headphones equalizer switcher.


My name is Albert, and i have an idea for good feature for future
Banshee versions:
Every people has another hearing and another speaker system.
maybe banshe should have something like hearing test to set equalizer
for user hearing ?

I mean about something like this:


I used this to set my settings, but banshee equalizer not match with
scales used in that test, and im sure that my setup is not perfect.

Only what have to be done is: add small buttons under barrs  that will
enable/dissable software generated noise with equal frequency.

BTW. maybe there should be 2 equalizers:
One - calibration equalizer (always enabled) that will be set for
headphones/speakers when banshee install (and after that in preferences),
Second  - with pre-sets to different music styles. (that will be enabled
by user when he need this).
Banshee should sum up values of both equalizers (if second is enabled).

Second idea: The first equalizer (calibrator?) could have more than one
pre-sets (for example Headphones and Speakers), and Banshe should have
button to switch them in main window.

Why that ? Because (i think) many people is switching often between
headphones and speakers that has another characteristic of frequencies.

Best Regards

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