Re: [Banshee-List] The dumbest error in Banshee

On 11/26/2011 04:30 PM, Martin Cigorraga wrote:
2011/11/26 Daniel Hughes
<trampster gmail com
<mailto:trampster gmail com>>

    I can see no evidence that the bug in question is caused by using mono.

    If you have evidence that this is caused by a bug in mono please
    link to the bug. Otherwise please stop spreading FUD.

I'm sorry, I was talking in general and not specifically related to this
bug (my bad, a big OT).
BTW, after completely removing Mono (including Banshee and Tomboy)
Ubuntu 11.10 is a *very* different system,
more stable than before and lot responsive.
 From my own research on several other distros there's a manifest
pattern of bloatness when Mono is present in the
system, not to mention the awful thing of seeing .exe files when doing a PS.

I love Banshee so +1 for it.
Mono really stinks, several thousand -1 for it.

As you replied in a slightly less troll fashion, I'm going to just care to reply.

We thank you very much that you like Banshee, so do we.

But Banshee without Mono wouldn't be so great as it is now.

Really, complaining from a user perspective about mono is like if I complain about the internal CPU a TV uses. Does it work? Yes. And let us the developers tell you that seriously Mono works really well, and .NET is a very well designed development platform. When there is a development platform that is better than .NET, I'll be the first one to switch.

So stop spreading FUD about Mono if you're user. Microsoft is not a plague or a virus, it's a company that sometimes may do good or bad things, and this is one case of a good one. The other cases in which it does bullshit don't necessarily need to contaminate this product. And let me remind you that very little code from Microsoft is actually inside the Mono platform (and actually, I think the very little bits that are inside it, are not used by Banshee anyway IIRC).

Thanks for being there as a user and applaud Banshee's goodness.

As a developer, I'll welcome your criticism over .NET or Mono when you bring technical arguments.




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