[Banshee-List] banshee-community-extensions - visualization extension

Hi all,

I got an email from a user asking why we (openSUSE) didn't had the
visualization extension from banshee-community-extensions available.
I've taken a quick look at our package and found out that we don't
have only two extensions enabled by default, lirc and clutterflow. I
assume that this user is looking for the clutterflow extension.

This extension requires clutter-sharp which has been dropped in
openSUSE. I don't mind bring it back and maintain it, but since my
expertise on Mono is pretty much non-existent I took the liberty of
asking on this list. Is clutter-sharp activelly maintained?

Another thing, this clutterflow plugin is a visualization plugin?


Nelson Marques

/* http://www.marques.so
  nmo marques gmail com */

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