Re: [Banshee-List] jolicloud, banshee, and my ipod

Hi, do you mind seeing which version of banshee jolicloud currently has? Also which version of ubuntu is it based on these days?

On Jul 10, 2011 2:03 PM, "bethbeth" <elizabethodtwalker gmail com> wrote:
> I have an Ipod Nano, 1st generation that was originally synced with Itunes on
> my old Windows machine. I switched over to Jolicloud, and started using
> Banshee. Banshee asked if it could work its file restructuring magic, which
> I said yes to. It recognizes that my Ipod exists, but only displays the
> actual files that are on the Ipod sometimes. When it doesn't display the
> files, it shows the quantity of data stored on the Ipod, but doesn't let me
> add or modify the invisible can I get Banshee to recognize the
> files all the time? It used to recognize the files occasionally, but hasn't
> in a few months. Help?
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