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Doh, Linux... Never even considered that... Worked like a charm on Linux. I'll see if it compiles on Windows next time I'm on there. Thanks.
αθεοι αεί, Joe

On Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 9:28 PM, Dustin C. Hatch <admiralnemo gmail com> wrote:
On 1/6/2011 9:53 PM, joe greef wrote:
Apologies but where did you execute that command? Also, could you
describe the method to do it by hand, so I could try to fix the
musicbrainz error in the same way? Thank you.

I executed it from a Linux shell (my Linux virtual machine has direct access to my Windows files), but you could also do it from MSYS or Cygwin, I'd imagine. To do it by hand it tedious, but it works. There are dozens of projects that you will need to update in order to get Nereid to run.

1. Expand the project in the Solution Explorer
2. Expand "References"
3. You will notice one or more of ``atk-sharp``, ``gdk-sharp``, ``glib-sharp``, and ``gtk-sharp`` are displayed in red.
4. Right-click on "References" and choose "Edit References"
5. On the "Packages" tab, tick the checkbox next to any of the packages listed in red in the Solution Explorer.
6. In the "Selected references" list, select any now-duplicated references (those without any version or key information) and click the minus button to the right.

After you do that, the references in red will go away. That particular project should now build. Repeat for the rest of the dependency projects.

I don't know what causes MonoDevelop not to find those packages; perhaps someone more familiar with it could shed some light.

Dustin C. Hatch

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