[Banshee-List] Writing extentions for Banshee

Hello. I'd like to write an Spotify extension for banshee. I try to
understand the Banshee plugin systems.

The only resources I found are of general type (coding guidelines etc.)
and does not help to actually write extension[1]. I was pointed to
Mono.Addins documentation (on #banshee) as one which would help to
understand the architecture and while I understend why I was pointed to
it I don't think it solved my problem. However the problem is that while
reading source I have exponential expansion of information (starting
from ISource) and problems 'where to start', 'what should be implemented
what can be implemented and what should be ignored'. 

I would appreciate a few hints about where to start and what
classes/function I need to look at.


[1] I don't want to say that they are not important. Coding
standards/how to submit patches etc. are extremely important especially
for people who did not contributed to FOSS before. 

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