Re: [Banshee-List] Banshee not putting podcasts in correct location on iPhone


It appears that Banshee doesn't like my podcasts at all. Either that or my
iPhone doesn't like Banshee. 

I moved my database to another location and downloaded my podcasts. I also
cleared off all my music from the phone. The problem is that it won't let me
delete the podcasts. I delete them in Banshee on the phone and it goes
through the sync process and looks like everything deleted, but when I
unplug the phone and look, they're all still there. What's more is that they
won't play either. When I plug the phone back in, the podcasts are there

bassmannate wrote:
> So, I couldn't sleep last night and on a whim googled Banshee iPhone to
> see if it had been implemented yet. Quite ironic that it happened just 2
> days ago!
> Everything seems to be syncing just fine with the exception of podcasts.
> At first, I didn't think they were syncing at all. Then I found a closed
> bug report saying that podcasts were going to music on iPods. So, I
> looked, and sure enough, they're under music! 
> Anyone know about this yet? I would really like to have my podcasts listed
> under podcasts. I'll post a logfile if someone will tell me where it would
> be on Ubuntu (I can never remember these things)

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