Re: [Banshee-List] Banshee splits albums by artist


Don't set the artist tag but the Compilation Album Artist. I believe it will be grouped as one album (showing the artist as Various Artist or whatever you think is apropiate) in the album view, but the separate tracks will still show the correct artist (since you leave those untouched)

good luck!

2010/5/22 alekam <kamedov gmail com>

Michael Martin-Smucker wrote:
> To avoid the same album showing up multiple times in the browser, you'll
> want to set a "Compilation Album Artist" (and probably name it something
> like "Various Artists").  For more information about compilations, see the
> bottom paragraph at this page:

I'm respect with topic starter. It isn't correct to changing artist tag to
"Various Artists" to resolve this problem, becouse information about
original artist will be missed. Compilition's folder names usualy starting
from "VA", can banshee check this on import?

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