[Banshee-List] Large File Size and Unable Read Your iPod


Boy, I hope someone can help me. I switched from Windows to Linux several months ago, and from iTunes to Banshee. I finally got Banshee to work (thanks to the help from several people on this list!) and imported a bunch of CDs a few months ago. It worked great, and I haven't used it since. (Tough to buy CDs when you are out of work. :-( )

Anyway, I bought a CD and just imported it and have 2 questions (which I could not find the answer to):

1) My import format is the default FLAC. It seemed to take a lot longer for this CD, and when I checked the files sizes they were all in the high 20 - mid 30 MB size range! This really surprised me, so I looked at some of the other songs I imported a few months ago and they were all around 7 - 9 MB.

I didn't change any settings, so does anyone know why this would happen? I'm worried because if the file sizes shoot up by 3 times that means that's 3 times as less music I can fit on my iPod.

2) When I plugged my iPod in to sync with the CD I just imported, I got an "Unable to read your iPod" error message. It says I need to rebuild the iPod database. But I already did this the first time I switched from iTunes to Banshee, so why is it asking me again?

Plus, the bottom graphic that shows the makeup of one's music player says that all of the files on my iPod (46 GB worth!) are of type "Other", i.e. none are of type "Audio" - when audio is the only thing I have on my iPod.

Like I said, I hope someone can help me. All I wanted to do was import a CD...

Thanks a lot,

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