Re: [Banshee-List] Next/Previous track in *album*?

On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 22:35, Poop Loops <pooploops gmail com> wrote:
Nah, doesn't work, still goes back to different albums instead of cycling in
that one album.  Hmmm... I would have though most people navigated this way.
I mean, that's how my iPod works at least, so maybe I'm just used to that.

Could be, I don't use an iPod.

How do you navigate and stuff?  I never use play queues because I never know
what song I'll want to play after the one I'm listening to now, and change
my mind like 50 times before the song is over.
Heh, I could see that that could be a problem. :) I'm typically an album listener, so I'll just queue up an entire album and add to that, but I do go into my Queue from time to time to frontload a song.

Sometimes I'll also shuffle a playlist, and possibly add songs to my queue based on that ("ooh, I'd like to hear more of this"). Sounds like you may be in this boat, so what I'd usually do is either search that particular playlist or my Library for more and then queue it up. What will happen is that the song(s) I queue will play immediately next and then I'll get back to whatever I was listening to afterward. I think that might work well for you, unless you change your mind before your queue even starts. :)
Andrew Conkling

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