Re: [Banshee-List] BUG-Embedded album art not loading on successive songs

It might be noted that in some versions (at least mine) of Easytag, you
don't have the option to select what version gets written. In my version
of easytag, it only gives me the option of writing ID3v2 or ID3v1.x or
both. The dropdown I have only lets you set the unicode. However, the
tags that have album art in them seem to be working just fine here.

On Wed, 2009-06-24 at 16:43 -0700, Gilbert Mendoza wrote:
> Okay... when you highlight a set of your MP3's in EasyTag... there's a
> brush icon (or File... Remove Tags).  Doing so will remove the tags.
> Another sure way is by using eyeD3.  This is an excellent command line
> tag editor.  Install from the repos.
> Remove tags from MP3's in present working directory:
> eyeD3 --remove-all *.mp3
> To view tags:
> eyeD3 filename.mp3
> In EasyTag... also go to Settings... Preferences... ID3 Tag Settings
> tab.  Select "Write ID3c2 Tags" version 2.3 from drop down menu.  You
> can also check the "Wite ID3v1 tag" option.
> What I did first to save time... load the MP3 directory you're working
> on with EasyTag (one album for now).  This loads all the existing tag
> data for those tracks into memory.  Extract and save the existing
> album art from the track and put the file in the directory of the
> album you're working on just in case.  Just leave EasyTag open... but
> from a command line window... used eyeD3 to remove all tags from the
> tracks.  Run it a couple times just to be sure.  Then from EasyTag...
> highlight all your tracks you're working on.... go to the File menu...
> then "Force Saving Files".  This re-writes all the tag data it had
> stored in memory to the appropriate fields.  Reload the directory with
> EasyTag after thats done... and your tags should have been written as
> new.  You may notice that your album art is no longer in the files.
> Just add the artwork back into one of the files... selct the image
> type of Cover Art... and remove any description.  Make sure you're
> still hilighting all the files... and hit the radio button next to the
> album art option.  This adds the artwork from the one track you're
> dealing with to all the tracks hilighted.  Force save again.
> Verify again with eyeD3 to to be sure.  try importing that single
> album into Banshee and see if that works for you.
> Sorry so long of a description... but I hope you can follow it.
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> Gilbert Mendoza
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> On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 4:14 PM, dmbanshee <jodenmi yahoo com au>
> wrote:
>         Gilbert, I have just downloaded EasyTag to do this...But as
>         with Media
>         Monkey, I can find no reference to removing a 2.4 tag and
>         re-doing as 2.3?
>         Can you assist with this at all?
>         Thanks
>         Dennis
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