Re: [Banshee-List] BUG-Embedded album art not loading on successive songs

@Chris..... Fair enough...In the past on other fora I have tried using the
"post and wait" philosophy, but after a couple of weeks, no responses. I
even had some folks say they only noticed the original post BECAUSE of the

But I do understand this is a mailing list as well, but I didn't know that
"bumps" got emailed to members as well as posting on the forum. So my bad

I have tried the official repository for 1.5 but I am guessing as it is a
beta its not there yet. I always like to load form Synaptic if I can. The
issue is still there so I will just have to wait until 1.5 goes official and
try again then. Thanks.

dmbanshee wrote:
> Hi all. Newbie with Banshee here. And my question is about Banshee not
> loading embedded album art.
> I am using version 1.4.3 and when I load songs into Banshee they all play
> fine, but Banshee sometimes will not load the artwork form the new song,
> it plays it okay just won't load the art. Other times it stays "stuck" on
> the art form the first song in the list and won't change until about song
> # 9 and even then only sometimes.
> Any help greatly appreciated as I have tried pretty much all of the Linux
> players and Banshee is the best one for what I need to do.
> Thanks
> Dennis

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