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Bertrand, thanks for the questions in the email, that's exactly the kind of information I'm looking for.

I've written a blog post with a call for more information just like that:

So if you have any ideas about what should be in a help file, or have seen good howto's on the 'net, let me know.   Anyone who wants to help is more than welcome, don't feel like you have to know Docbook or Mallard to write docs!



On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 3:28 PM, Bertrand Lorentz <bertrand lorentz gmail com> wrote:
Sounds great indeed !

I don't know what you're planning to put in the docs, but I thought I'd
share some questions that come up regularly on the list and IRC:

1/ How to get banshee to recognize my usb mass storage device as a music
player : the .is_audio_player file
A description is available here :

2/ How can I customize my library's directory structure and file names :
the /apps/banshee-1/library/file_pattern and folder_pattern gconf keys
Their description is in the source :

3/ How can I unsubscribe from a Podcast : Right click on it in the

And I guess you already know about the items there :

Anyway, those are just random suggestions, so feel free to do whatever
with them. ;)

Bertrand Lorentz <bertrand lorentz gmail com>
> <

On Sun, 2009-06-14 at 08:38 -0500, Paul Cutler wrote:
> Hi all, a few of us from the GNOME and Ubuntu communities are doing a
> doc sprint at a doc conference today, and we've had a brief discussion
> about getting started on the Banshee docs.
> I won't bore you with all the legal talk, but we are proud to let you
> know that Banshee will be one of the first two doc projects that is
> going to use the CC-SA 3.0 license rather than the GFDL.  This has a
> lot of cool things going for it, especially for downstream distros.
> We're pretty excited about this, and hope you are too.  If you do have
> any concerns, please let me (or Shaun McCance) know.
> Paul
> On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 10:44 AM, Gabriel Burt
> <gabriel burt gmail com> wrote:
>         On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 10:25 AM, Paul
>         Cutler<pcutler gnome org> wrote:
>         > Hi, a couple of us have been discussing creating
>         documentation for Banshee
>         > using Docbook / Yelp.
>         >
>         > I have GNOME git access, but I am not an expert in git at
>         all.  Is there a
>         > preference how we start contributing?  A specific branch,
>         the gitorious
>         > branch, make our own?
>         Hi Paul!  That sounds very good.  Have you seen F-Spot's
>         documentation?  Might be a useful example to follow.
>         Starting the work in a gitorious branch sounds like a good
>         idea to me.
>          Is that 100% ok with you for now?  Once it has stabilized
>         somewhat,
>         we can merge it into master.
>         Thanks a lot, glad to have you doing this!
>         Gabriel
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