Re: [Banshee-List] Crossfading and BPM detection


I built from SVN trunk last night and played around with the new BPM feature.  Unfortunately, my results were disappointing.  I think there could be 2 reasons for this:


BPM detection (autmatic and manual) is available in SVN trunk, and
will probably be in the next development release. See for more info.

>> I have recently taken an interest in developing a playlist generator based
>> on BPM and tonality.  Tonality meaning songs would be selected based on
>> their compatilbily with the previous one in the playlist.  Could be the same
>> musical key, or a third, or fifth of the root of the key, etc..  These are
>> some of the main methods DJs use for mixing, so I thought it would be cool
>> to implement for playlist generation.  I had posted about it on the
>> rhythmbox list, but lately I have been using banshee, so it may become my
>> go-to music player and, thus, may be where I start playing with this.

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