[Banshee-List] Crossfading and BPM detection

Just wondering if anyone is working on implementing crossfading?  Not much in terms of updates on the bug report:

Also, I have just started peeking at the Banshee source and noticed a IBPMDetection interface.  Is someone working on a BPM detector?  Or, is the interface there just for the possibility of a future cool toy?

I have recently taken an interest in developing a playlist generator based on BPM and tonality.  Tonality meaning songs would be selected based on their compatilbily with the previous one in the playlist.  Could be the same musical key, or a third, or fifth of the root of the key, etc..  These are some of the main methods DJs use for mixing, so I thought it would be cool to implement for playlist generation.  I had posted about it on the rhythmbox list, but lately I have been using banshee, so it may become my go-to music player and, thus, may be where I start playing with this.

Anyway, that's why I am asking.


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